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Our Day Procedure Clinic

Dr. Tasawar Aslam is SRMC’s resident procedural GP. He has a vast amount of experience in various surgical procedures. 

Dr. Aslam has special interests in Skin Cancer utilising all sorts of flaps/skin grafts & wedge resection of ear & lips. 

Initial consult is bulk billed for eligible Medicare card holders.

General Surgery

Dr Aslam offers the following procedures:

– Lip tie. ($50 no medicare rebate).

– Tongue tie. ($50 no medicare rebate).

– Excision of oral lesions (including cysts).

– Excision of skin abnormalities (lumps & bumps).

– Wedge resection of in-growing toenails.

– Excision of Anal Tags. ($100 no medicare rebate).

Initial consult is bulk billed for eligible Medicare card holders.

Urology, obstretics & gynaecology


Vasectomy – $500 with a $192 Medicare Rebate.

Circumcision is also available for all ages & fees are as below:
– Up to 1 year $400.
– From 1 to 5 years $450.
– From 5 to 10 years $500.
– From 10 to any age $550.
Please note: there is no medicare rebate for circumcision procedures.


We offer insertion & removal of mirena & implanon devices. 

For further information regarding our procedures, please book a general consultation appointment to speak with one of our friendly practitioners. Also refer to our Skin Cancer Clinic for further information regarding skin cancer removal. 

Initial consults are bulk billed for eligible Medicare card holders.

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