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Helping you stay sun safe!

Station Road Medical Centre Booval has an in-house skin cancer clinic that aims to protect our patients from the sun. With the constantly changing Ipswich weather we think it’s important that you look after yourself and ensure you get the adequate care when required. Our Skindoctors will take care of all our Booval (and surrounding suburbs) citizens!

One part of adequate care is to have regular check-ups. This ensures that we can diagnose any disease early and prevent the cancer from spreading and causing larger problems. Early intervention is always the best cure.

Our Booval Skindoctors – Dr. Muhammad Arshad, Dr. Tasawar Aslam and Dr. Tariq Aziz – have an immense amount of professional training, knowledge and expertise to address all skin cancer enquiries. Dr. Aslam is a procedural GP, and can perform skin cancer removal inside our Booval medical clinic!

No need to go to the hospital. We take care of it all for you.

Taking care of your skin.

So how can you take care of your skin? Let’s have a look…

  • See your GP regularly. More precisely, see your Skindoctor at our Booval Medical Clinic by booking an online appointment.
  • Make sure you put on sunscreen when you go out. It seems like a hassle, but it pays off!
  • Drink heaps of water. Remember, our body is made up of a LOT of water. Keep hydrated to keep healthy.
  • Try to stay in the shade. If you’re visiting Queens Park in Ipswich Central, or going for a walk through Riverlink Shopping Centre, try to keep within the shade.
  • Wear covered clothing. Ok we know its not the greatest fashion statement, but wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses can do wonders for you skin health!

Let’s dig a little bit deeper – how do you apply Sunscreen? Other than just slapping it on (which is better than nothing), follow these steps to help fight the sun.

  1. Make it a part of your daily routine. It’s better when it’s second nature!
  2. Re-apply it every two hours and at least 20 minutes before you first head into the sun!
  3. Apply it liberally! Don’t be stingy, lather yourself up good from head to toes.
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