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“Protect your skin, prioritize your health! Visit our experienced skin cancer GP for personalized care and early detection. Schedule your consultation today for a sun-safe tomorrow.”

Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh
Dr Ali (as he likes to be known) is a dedicated general practitioner with a specialised focus on treating skin cancer. With 10 years of experience, Dr Ali provides comprehensive primary care with expertise in skin cancer, offering personalised and thorough skin cancer screenings, diagnostics and treatment plans. He is proficient with excisions, biopsies, flaps and grafting of skin whilst also committed to preventative care. Dr Ali strives to raise awareness about skin health while providing compassionate and effective medical interventions for patients facing skin cancer challenges.

We encourage patients to get a skin cancer check-up regularly for the early detection, diagnosis & treatment of skin cancer.

Prevention is ALWAYS the best treatment!

Dr Usman Khan

Dr Khan is a dedicated and experienced medical professional with a strong passion for dermatology and in particular Skin Cancer treatment and prevention. He is committed to providing comprehensive and personalized care to his patients.

He has a keen interest in Skin Cancer therapy and has been working in Skin Cancer Management for over 10 years.

He is accredited with the Skin Cancer College of Australasia and with the Australian College of Cutaneous Oncology. He has an Advanced Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery which means he has some of the highest levels of training in skin cancer management. He is proficient in doing advanced level Flaps and Grafts surgery and all other aspects of skin cancer treatment.

Skin Cancer Check Fees:

As per our new billing policy from 1st November, we continue to Bulk Bill for skin checks for the following groups:

  • All patients with a valid Medicare card including Aged and Disability Pensioners.
  • DVA gold, white card holders will be bulk billed with the condition eligible to DVA (stated on the card).
  • Health Care Card holders.
  • Children under 16 years of age.

For all other patients there is a fee as follows:

Skin ChecksPrivate FeeMedicare Rebate
36 Level C$105.00$ 80.10

For further information please see our Billing Policy in Patient Information.

Skin Cancer Treatment and Management Fees

If a procedure needs to be carried out, there will be a fee, and the amount will be determined by the nature and complexity of the procedure. The Medicare rebate that you will receive back depends on the histopathology results, as per the Medicare Schedule, which is usually available when you return for your follow up appointment. The doctor will provide billing schedule on your initial Skin Check.

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