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Covid-19 Second Wave? Here’s how to stay safe. 

Station Road Medical Centre Booval is committed to ensuring the health of our patients inside and outside the clinic. We know with the lingering possibilities of the Covid-19 Second Wave, many of you would be extremely on edge about the uncertainty that the future beholds. 

Being extremely volatile times, from a healthcare point of view the most important thing to do is make sure that you take care of your emotional, psychological, physical and mental health. 

Taking care of your health.

So how can you take care of your health? Let’s have a look…

  • See your GP regularly. If you feel down, or need someone to talk to about your mental wellbeing, please talk to us by booking an online appointment.
  • Make sure you maintain a healthy routine. Try to keep good sleep cycle and don’t let the coronavirus completely turn your life upside down. 
  • Maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water throughout the day. When you’re out and about, you get dehydrated. When you’re inside, it can be easy to loose track of how much water you’re drinking so make sure you actively keep sipping!
  • Don’t forget to socialise! Maintain your relationships whether it’s online or offline. Talking to loved ones and having a bit of fun is vital to keeping your mental health in check. 
At SRMC, we want to ensure that you get the care you need. With the prospect of a second wave, it’s completely normal to feel uneasy. Keep talking to your loved ones, and remember we’re always here to check up on you! 
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